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Welcome to the frontline of fashion—where tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts clash with the raw energy of street art.  This isn’t just gear; it’s a canvas, splashed with Paul Simpson’s vision of anarchy and attitude.  It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the rule-breakers, the style-makers. It’s To The Bone’s declaration of independence, worn proudly, defiantly. It’s art. It’s rebellion. It’s you.  Gear up. Stand out. Join the artwear revolution.


When comfort meets anarchy – our hoodies are the ultimate rebel’s choice. Crafted for those who wear their defiance like a second skin, each hoodie is a statement piece that screams individuality. Infused with Paul Simpson’s raw, unapologetic art, these are not just hoodies. They’re protest pieces, they’re conversation starters, they’re the essence of street art. Throw one on and turn the streets into your gallery. This is To The Bone – where every hoodie tells your story with a punch of artwear attitude.


Welcome to the intersection of grit and thread where our sweatshirts are the canvas of the outspoken. These aren’t just layers; they are loudspeakers for style, emblazoned with Paul Simpson’s iconic, rebellious art. Each print carries the spirit of the underground, each design a badge of boldness. Slip into a piece from the To The Bone collection and let your sweatshirt do the talking. It’s more than a garment—it’s a statement of artistic defiance. Ready to rebel? Wear it out loud.


It’s not just a tee, it’s a roar of rebellion. Our To The Bone T-shirts are the staples you need to rip through the mundane. Each one is a shout from the rooftops, a piece of Paul Simpson’s mind in bold, unyielding colours and designs that refuse to be ignored. Wear them like armour against conformity. These tees aren’t for wallflowers; they’re for the trailblazers, the art connoisseurs with a punk heart. Grab one, make your mark.

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